Which websites list NZ tenders?

BTSL was formed in 1984 with the intention to provide subcontractors with documentation for jobs that were out for tender within the Auckland area. This has expanded recently to include other regions within New Zealand. As far as we are aware, we are the only website that focuses only on the tender stage of a job.

Where are current tenders listed?

Once you login to our website, you will be taken to Current Tenders listed on the Dashboard.

Where can I find commercial links for tenders?

You may be invited to tender by one of the main contractors who has sent you a BTSL document link. Otherwise, your membership will allow you to access any tenders that we have been asked to host.

Is BTSL the same as other services?

No. BTSL deals only with the tendering stage of each job for commercial, industrial and commercial residential projects. .BTSL is a standalone company with no connection to other companies.

How do I find out about current tenders?

A BTSL subscription allows you access to all tender documents on our website (inside the BTSL Portal). We will advise you of a tender that matches the settings you define in Account Settings.

What if I don’t have time to research current tenders?

Don’t worry. BTSL will do the hard work for you. Once you have chosen your settings in Account Settings that define the sort of work you are looking for, then we will only contact you about jobs that match your chosen criteria.

How do I receive private tender alerts?

Private tenders are separate to the services that BTSL provide. If a main contractor chooses the option to create a private document link for one of their jobs, then it is up to them who they send the document link to. You cannot access this information through our website.